From Marco Polo airport:

  • with a private water taxi: it costs around 110€ for 4 guest with luggage.
    Takes about 20 mins.
    They can drop you off on Rio Marin.
  • with public transportation, take the shuttle bus ATVO from the Airport to Piazzale Roma.
    Costs around 6€ per person.
    Please see the web link for times
  • Or take the public bus 6€ or 11€ round trip and include it with a vaporetto pass for another 12€ good for 90 mins.
    (you can also buy a 7 day vaporetto pass and include it with the bus ticket from and to the Airport!

From Piazzale Roma: (This is the bus stop, Land taxi stop or any car transportation stop!)

  • You can walk to us from Piazzale Roma:
    it takes about 10 mins and there are 3 bridges: ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!
  • Take the Public Transportation: Vaporetto
    Walk over from bus stop and take the number 1 vaporetto direction LIDO and exit at Riva Di Biasio.
    Exit first stop after Ferrovia: Riva di Biasio.


Once you have completed the reservation the exact address and directions on how to arrive will be sent to you privately via email.